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Zerglings Rush

A very popular rush indeed. It's about sending a few Zerglings (at least 6) to the enemy at the very begining of a match (not more than 2:30), because it's too early for the enemy to defend. It's very probable (sure against the AI) that you'll end the game by wining it. Maybe a too easy victory...specially in small maps (Bloth Bath) and against noobs obviously :)
However, it could happen that the Zerglings' attack is contained and they're eliminated by the workers.
Let's see a step to step to carry out this rush:

-Send the Drone to mine.
-Send the Overlord to explore so that you find the enemy.
-Don't mutate into Drone, when you reach 200 minerals build a Spawning Pool.
-When you get 50M mutate into a Drone and send it to mine.
-If everything goes well, when the Spawning Pool is ready, you should have aproximately 150M for creating 6 Zerglings.
-If you haven't found the enemy yet, send the Zerglings to search his base.
-Attack his base, keep producing more lings; you'll have to create an Overlord too.
-Keep attacking, don't let escape any worker. Destroy his Barracks or make him run out of supply!.
-If the attack results not totally sucessful and somehow the enemy survives (or there are more enemies), think about creating some defense (Sunken Colonies.
-If you can't destroy the enemy, at least keep him busy for a while (wander with the Zerglings) distract him so that you can protect or improve your base.

This strategy works better on Terrans, since the Marines are very weak and the Bunkers are not self sufficient as defense (they need infantery units). It's great to do it with allies (12 Zerglings, unstoppable!. If the enemy is Zerg, besides the Zerglings, send 1 or two Drones and mutate them into Sunken Colonies (on the enemy's creep muahh!).

How to deal with this rush? It'll depend on the races...now it's not as harder as it was before 1.08, due to the cost of the Spawning Pool has been increased and that makes the rush to take a little more time, but it's still very early and it works in most of the cases.

With Terran, you should block your entrance with Supply Depots and the Barracks. When the Zerglings come, stop them using the Marines you've built as well as the SCVs.

With Protoss, don't let the Zerglings to by pass your Zealots; they're too slow to follow the monsters.
If somehow you know the Zerg is going for this rush, or you suspect it, then it would be better you construct Photon Cannon quick.

With Zerg, nothing's better than Zerglings vs Zerglings!. Place Sunken Colonies at strategic places.

The ally has two possible alternatives to do, or let's say three:
1. Don't do anything. You would be such a bad ally!!
2. Send some units to help the ally.
3. Counterattack the Zerg. I'd go for this, but of course it depends on the particular situation of every game.




Last revision: 07/19/05