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Zerg Overview

The Zerg players can choose between having the fastest or the slowest start of all races.
The fastest start is to begin with the Spawning Pool, the slowest is to begin to build the Hatchery.
The Zerg need at least 2 or 4 Hatcheries in a game to keep a good units production. Because of that, many players rather to start building the Hatchery.The Zergs need to expand quickly and they need a lot of gas at the beginning for the Hidralisks and Lurkers. The Zergs must use the combination of Hidras and lings to have a effective attack, without gas, there are no Hidras and they'll be limited to use Zerglings.
The best defense of the Zerg is the Sunken Colony, they're pretty effective and cheap, a few can defend very well is they are complemented with Lurkers.
At the end of the game, contrary to the Terran and Protoss technologies where the most powerful unit is the Battlecruiser/Carrier, the Zerg have the Ultralisk, but it is not the same, because it's a ground unit, so they have the combination of Guardians/Devourers and Mutalisks, they're the best to destroy an opponent.

How to pay with the Zerg,general:

Obviously it'll depend of how and where you are going to play,but a normal start should be:

-Send the Drones to mine,mutate one and send the Overlord to explore the map.

-Continue making Drones until 9/9

-So make the extra Drone trick

-Mutate a Drone into a Spawning pool

-You can repeat the extra Drone trick.

-Mutate a Drone into a Hatchery and mutate it into an Extractor.

-Make more Drones.

-Make a few Sunken Colonies,5 or 6

-Make a few Zerglings.

-When you have 250 of gas,mute into a Lair and into a Hidralisk Den to make Lurkers.




Last revision: 01/17/06