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Zealots Rush

It consists of sending a few Zealots to the enemy as fast as possible, specially if he's Terran. This rush could be followed by a Dark Templar Rush.
Simply you must concentrate in the production of Zealots and send them to the enemy base, that you should have discovered already.
The Terrans will have more difficulties stoping this rush, since Marines are very weak. About the Zerg, though the Zerglings are even weaker than the Marines, the players usually build a couple of Sunken Colony as defense.
Send Zealots in groups of 2 or 3 constantly, to produce more damage. The best way to defend of this rush with Terrans is building many many Marines, quickly, to kill the Zealots,o ther way is building Bunkers in the entrance of your base, it also works.
Surely,if your foe used this rush against you,and you survived, it's likely that he's thinking of send you Dark Templars,so after killing the Zealots make sure to build some Turrets.




Last revision: 01/17/06