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Terran Overview

You don't have too many options with Terrans, you can start building the Supply Depot or the Barracks.

I'd recommend starting by the Supply Depot way, since you'll have supply up to 18.
On maps like The Hunters, to build a reasonable quantity of Marines/Firebat and Medics you'll need at least 3 Barracks.If the map is like BGH (money maps) 4+ Barracks is the best.
Now, the weak point of the Terran is the detection, although they have the Sweep Scanner, to ensure a more effective protection you will need Turrets, and build some Science Vessels as soon as possible.
However,the best of the Terrans are the Tanks,t he Siege Mode ability is very useful. In a Terran vs Terran game will win who has more tanks or who uses them better. Litoff, another interesting ability, since it does not require any research, it's useful to escape if your base is under attack, but other utility of Litoff is that the flying buildings has a lot of sight, this can be used to extent tanks' sight (you should know that Tanks have less sight than range), this is a big advantage.
The most advanced guns of Terran are The Battlecruiser, although they don't have the range of the Carriers,their special ability"Yamato Gun" is very useful and devastating.

How to play with Terrans,general:

Obviously it depends on how and where you going to play,but a normal start should be:

-Build SCV until 7/10,then order to a SCV to build a Supply Depot.

-Build other SCV and send it to explore the map.

-When the Supply Depot is ready,build the Barracks.

-Build a SCV and when you have enough minerals build other Barracks.

-If you want,you can repeat the other step and build other Barracks,but it depends where and when you are playing.

-Begin building Marines and more SCV,when you are in 14/18 build the second Supply Depot,if you think is necessary build a Bunker.

-If you want,you can build the Refinery or wait a while.Continue with the production of SCV and Marines

-When you have 3/4 Supply Depot build an Academy.

In games such as Terran vs Protoss the best strategy is to train Firebats as soon as possible, to repeal any Zealot attack, and avoid any Zealot Rush or Dark Templar Rush attempt.




Last revision: 01/17/06