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Tanks/Vultures attack


First of all, I'd like to make clear that this strategy is quite advanced, not everyone will be able to do it. It is needed to have some good skills, which are VERY important for starcraft: Good Micromanagment (in short,how to move,order and attack massive waves of units efficiently,using mainly hotkeys). Besides,managing correctly time and resources is extremely necessary.That's why this strategy is used by Terran gosus. At least they found a great use for Vultures and their Spider Mines, by combinating both with the power of the Siege Tank.
Let's leave behind the prelude and see what this apparently so popular tactic is about.

What it is about

The strategy's base is supported both in the handling of the siege power of the tanks (defensive as well as offensive) and the versatility of the Vulture with the protection of the Spider mines, which will be used mostly as an offensive weapon. The combination of all this results in a heavy siege, more powerful than the obtained with the mere use of only Tanks.
While the Spider Mines protect the Tanks against any ground approach, these will also take an offensive mode by invading enemy field.
The Vultures,in charge of placing mines, will also provide some ground support,specially against infantery units, Zealots and Zerglings.
Missile Turrets are used for the air support and they're constantly being build and repaired by SCVs. This was just a main view, then you will see everything with more detail.

The basis

This attack requires some planning,it is not a rush at all.
The first item to do is to determine against who and the second but not less important, where.
Generally, the strategy is used against Protoss, but works fine on Zerg...but I wouldn't recommend it against Terran (Tanks vs Tanks!) but many times you don't have choice. Let's focus on the two aspects that where mentioned.

Against who?

Aside the races, which was commented above, there's another factor that you may want to consider if you want the strategy to be sucessful: The kind of player.
If you know your opponent,maybe because is a friend or person you know his playstyle, if he is...err... a noob, then don't even bother to use the strategy. Wouldn't be worthy.
The strike works fine against medium players, and it is a must-use against gosus! However, sometimes it's just impossible to determinate a player's level. Don't be fooled by the status, it's not safe to trust on it.
The best thing to do is to respect the player, and being aware that even though every player has his level, the enemy can always give us some surprises...

Once you've understood the strategy and you've dominated it well, you'll be in conditions to decide whether use or not the tactic, or you may just choose to make the strategy your way to play Starcraft with Terrans. Many players are precisely famous for using the strategy like their style play.

And where?

The map where you play is important,no doubt. While many maps are played on Battle.net, the well-known Lost Temple is the favorite. That's why this strategy works great on this map.
However, I wouldn't be surprised to watch replays using the strategy on maps like The Hunters or Plains to Hill, though if you ask me, if I had to pick out a map to deploy the Tanks/Vultures strategy, that map would be Lost Temple.

The Strategy

-The start:
The beginning of the executing of any strategy is very important indeed, and this is not the exception. If something fails here, then you won't be able to keep on the strategy.

1. It's necessary to start extracting gas from the very beginning, due to Tanks need plenty of gas.

2.Infantry units and any other additional tactic must be obviated (except scouting!), just limit to build the Barracks to enable the Factory.
It's a good idea to install a good block in your access gate by using the Barracks and a Supply Depot. When you need to movilize your army, just lit-off the Barracks. You can train one or two Marines for initial defense.
You also need to build the Engineering Bay for the Missile Turrets, and a little later build the Academy for the Comsat Station.

3.You are short with only one Factory, so when you have the resources, try to build at least two more. Start building Tanks and Vultures, and don't forget to research the Siege Tank and Spider Mines abilities.

4.When you achieve a good number of units (at least two groups of 12), take them out of the base, and bring some SCVs for building and repairing tasks.

-The fight:
Vultures must lead the way, exploring and eventually placing mines everywhere. Take advantage of their speed and ability to attack small units efficiently.
If they enemy spots the attack and comes for you, prepare the Siege Tanks, make a mined field and build Turrets for detection and air protection. The combination of Siege Tanks and mines is highly effective against any thing that aproaches by ground.
The strategy in action Keep pushing, moving the front slowly towards the enemy's base, keep moving the tanks and repeating the task of placing mines, repairing and constructing Turrets as well as building new units.
When you reach the cliffs, the enemy will have the defensive advantage, therefore use some flying unit to spot the terrain and give sight to the Tanks, or just Comsat.

Take into account that you must cover a extense zone, since if you attack only focusing in some place, the enemy will just avoid the front and counterattack by ground.
It's also a good idea to do some sporadic drops to distract the enemy's attention.

What you should be aware of

-Spells like Psi Storms, Broodlings,Blind,Lockdown (kill the spelling units before it's too late)

-Close drops (Dropping units just above your Tanks,for example.)

-Counterattacks both by ground and air (watch out your enemy, build Turrets on strategic places)

-Enemy's expansions.

Here you'll find replays to watch the strategy in live. This will help you a lot to improve yourselves.
If everything goes well, if you follow the mere guide and practice a lot, someday you'll become into a real gosu...actually I doubt it, but it's worth to give it a try it isn't it?:)




Last revision: 06/18/06