What's your first impression about SC2?

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  Looks promising


  Needs a lot of work






Reaver Rush

It consists in building Reavers as fast as possible, carrying them in a Shuttle and go to the enemy base.
It can be useful but you'll be prone to attacks. I'll explain how to do it.

Simply start building a Plylon, later the Assimilato, you'll need a lot of gas so extract it quickly. Then the Gateway, Cybernetics Core, later build the Robotics Facility and finally the Robotics Support Bay.All this in less of 6/7 minutes.

Build at least two Reavers and a Shuttle, it's convenient to research all upgrades of the Reaver and Shuttle to obtain the maximum effectiveness.
Then, load the Reavers to the Shuttle and unload them in a safe place,where you can attack with them easily,to avoid The Reavers to be destroyed quickly,load and unload the Reavers into the Shuttles,so the units like Zealots or Firebats cannot attack them,move your Shuttles and unload them in other place,but be careful,if the Shuttles are destroyed while they have loaded the Reavers, you'll lose everthing.

This rush will not likely destroy the enemy directly, but at least if you focus on destroying his workers, you'll make him a considerably ecomomical damage and that will surely help you to win the game.




Last revision: 01/17/06