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Protoss Overview

The first building that the Protoss must be built is, obviously the Plyon, without it you only will be able to build an Assimliator and a Nexus.

The Protoss player can either choose between the Forge way or the Gateway way.
If he chooses the Forge, probably he's playing in defensive way, he'll begin to build lots Cannons early to have a formidable defense or he'll do a Cannon Rush.
However, he'll lost offensively and will lack of warriors units at the beginning of the game.
If he chooses the Gateway, he'll have a much more normal development, on normal maps 3 gateways are enough to build a grand amount of units. The principal unit that you should use is the Zealot,the disadvantage is that you'll lose technology. There are others way to start,like the Dark Templar Rush or Reaver Rush.

The Protoss cannot build their buildings anywhere,the buildings have to be near to Plylons,if only a Plyon is supplying several building the most experienced players will destroy the Pylon first and unpower those buildings,beware.
The Protoss need abundant gas for their more advanced units. Besides They're the the race with more technology and units.
In advanced games, there are different ways to progress. You can choose the Robotic way, where you have as principal gun the Reaver, the Templar way and finally the Aerial way.
You should consider where you're going to play,if the map is an island obviusly you should go to the aerial way,since neither Templar way nor Robotics way are the best anti-air weapon.

How to play with Protoss,general:
Obviously it depends on how and where you going to play,but a normal start should be:
-Build Probes until 7/9 and send the seventh to build the Pylon and the send it to explore the map.
-Build other Probe,when it's finish send it to build the first Gateway, next send it to gather minerals.
-Build other Probe, when it's finish build other Gateway, then send it to gather(this step can be repeated)
-Begin to build Zealots, when there supply is 14;14/17 build other Pylon and then the Assimilator, continue with the production of Probes.
-Begin to extract gas,continue with the production of Zealots and when necessary, build Pylons.
-When you have 4 Pylons build a Forge.




Last revision: 12/03/05