What's your first impression about SC2?

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Optimum Gathering

Having a good gathering of resources is very important to win the game,since without resources you can't do much.Before anything,you should know some things about the gathering:

1.Each worker will take only 8 units of minerals or Gas.
2.Only a worker at the same time will be able to extract Gas.
3.Only a worker at the same time will be able to mine in a mineral field.

Knowing this you can learn,for example,that at the start of a game it's better to send each worker to a different mineral,since only a worker can mine a mineral at the same time.
The number of workers depends of the number of minerals chunks.If there are 8 minerals chunks,the optimum number of workers is 1/2 per deposit,thus,a little more than 8,say 13.If it's 10,you will have more workers,15 or 16 but no more than that.
An excess of workers won't increase the gathering.

The extraction of gas is similar,it depends where is the gas geyser ,the number of workers depends of this,but as standard many players use 4 workers per geyser.
If it's far it requires more workers to maintain the extraction to the maximum level.If you see more than a worker waiting to enter to the Refinery,Extractor or Assimilator you should know that you have too many workers.
A depleted geyser only will give you 2 of Gas, it'll be better search a new geyser.Always remember to build the Nexus, Command Center or Hatchery as close as is possible of the minerals/gas deposits.




Last revision: 12/03/05