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Mass attack

The Zergs must have lots of units to have the same power that a few Protoss or dozens of Terrans since the Zerg units are usually weaker than Protoss/Terrans.
But this isn't t a disadvantage, it's just a quality,and it's great to send large numbers of unstoppable Zerg units.

Sending mass Zerglings isn't something very efficient,but in ally games,if two Zerg send lots of Zerglings in less than 5 minutes and their enemy is unprotected you could win easly.
But in advanced games,even with all upgrades Zerglings are weak and this strategy won't be useful,but what about Hydralisks?. Yes,in money maps is normal to send mass Hydralisks,simply the Zerg players build at least 5 or more Hatchery to produce large quantities of Hidras.
I don't have a exact number of Hidralisk to attack,but I think they must be more than 50 units.But if you really want to destroy your foe(s) the best is to use the combination of Zerglings/Hidralisk/Ultralisk in mass,it's devastating.
This is obviously valid for air units too, specially Mutalisks swarms early in the game.




Last revision: 12/03/05