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How to control Medics

All units have advantages and disadvantages,and the Medics are not the exception;they're quite dificult to control,specially with Marines and other units while in troops.

The Medics seem, to be slightly faster than the Marines/Firebats(well,in fact,they are not lol), but during an atttack, they tend to go to the front of the group and instead of being an aid, they become an obstacle.
This happens, for example,when you select a group with Marines and a few Medics.
They'll begin to "lead" the troop,they will be in front of the Marines.This is not good,since when you attack something with the Marines using the command Attack,the Medics,because they cannot attack, will go to the target,they'll forget of the poors Marines,and when they want to heal the Marines,they probably are dead.

To avoid this,the best thing you can do is to put the Medics in the rear of the troop,so when the Marines or Firebats attack,they will be in front of the group,they will take damage and the Medics that come in the rear will stop to heal the Marines.

Also,you can use keys(control 0-9), see Shortcuts or hot keys , to assign a special group of Medics and another group to the Marines,this is not so easy,and it can be complicated.

Another possibility is to control medics by stimpacks;you stimpack your Marines/Firebats and the Medics will follow the Marines/Firebats to heal them,this is easier to do,but if the Medics don't heal the Marines soon,they can be killed easily,since they have 10 less of HP.




Last revision: 10/19/05