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Hot Keys

This writing is intended to inform or at least to transmit the minimum knowledge about the most useful and thus used hot keys or shortcuts in Starcraft. Their mastering is often marked as essential for becoming a good sc player, since it is not enough with having many units, you have to know how to manage and control them ;)

SHIFT (both left and right)

The shift key has several uses in Starcraft. One of them consists in pressing the key and the left button of the mouse to remove units from a selection. Example: You've selected 11 Marines and 1 Firebat, if you wish to take out this last unit, press shift and make left-click on that unit.

Another use is related to giving queue commands to a units. You can use it for commands such as move, attack, mine, repair,etc.
The most common uses are for example: When you want a worker or any other unit to scout, you click on where you want the unit to go (using the minimap) and then holding shift pressed, click anywhere else you want it to go. This way, you'll save lot of time, since the unit will do all automatically.
Another example. With Terrans, when you want a SCV to build something and then keep mining, you first give him the order to construct the building and BEFORE he begins building it, you hold shift and click in the mineral patch so that he'll return to mine after the buliding is finished.

In addition, this key has another utility. Keep shift pressed and hit F2-F4 and you will be able to save the position of the map's viewing at that time. Could be specially useful to keep an eye to a fighting area, and remember that with just pressing F2-F3 or F4 it will be located immediately.

CTRL (both left and right)

The ctrl (control) key is used for selecting units from a same kind with only holding this key and left-clicking over the unit.
Other way of doing the same thing is to hold this key pressed and click on the image of the unit in a selection group.
What application does it have? Easy, if you own a couple of Siege Tanks scattered in an area, press ctrl and click on one of them, by doing this, you'll have a selection of all Siege Tanks, you can then for example change them to siege mode.

Also, pressing the combination of Ctrl+ 0-9 (don't use the numerical pad!) a group of units or a building will be recorded, so that when you hit 0/9 the selection will show up and will be available to take commands. A classical example is to assign a number to the Comsat Station building, therefore, when you need to make a quick sweep, you use the combination of: 0/9 + S ( this is the hot key for Sweeping)


Use the space bar for quickly locating the screen at the last transmission message (when a unit is produced for example)
The next one is not really a key, but a trick... if you click on an unit's portrait you'll be located at the place where the unit currently is.

Always remember to use hot keys, they're very useful and will save you the time you waste if you only use the mouse. For example, it's easier and faster to press the "T" key to launch a Psi Storm than clicking on the spell icon.
Every unit, building and spell in the game has a hot key, it is the letter that remarks with yellow in the name. Some are easy to remember, like the one of the Marine (M), others are harder.

This is the list of the hot keys for all units of all three races:

SCV:S Select larva:S Probe:P
Marine:M Drone:D Zealot:Z
Firebat:F Zergling:Z Dragoon:D
Medic:C Hidralisk:H High Templar:T
Ghost:G Mutalisk:M Dark Templar:K
Vulture:V Scourge:S Archon:R
Tank:T Queen:Q Dark Archon:R
Goliath:G Delfier:F Shuttle:S
Wraith:W Ultralisk:U Scout:S
Dropship:D Lurker:L Corsair:O
Valkeriye:Y Guardian:G Carrier:C
Battlecruiser:B Devourer:D Observer:O
Science Vessel:V   Arbiter:A




Last revision: 06/20/05