What's your first impression about SC2?

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Drops are one of the most useful things of sc,here you'll see some strategies and how attack with this.Obviously it varies according to the races,first with:

Their drop unit is the Dropship,an early attack with some Marines and Medics in the middle of the resources source may destroy him economically and give you some advantage but with that you won't win the match.
If you want to make more damage, and even destroying your foe definitely, you'll have to use something stronger, at least 3 Dropships
For example, in the first you load 2 tanks, in the second other tank and 2 Goliaths and in the third 2 Marines, 1 Medic, 1 SCV and 2 Goliaths. The Goliaths are useful against air units and they'll provide some ground support.
Use the SCV to repair the Tanks and to build defensive buildings,like Bunkers and Turrets,even more,I'd suggest bringing more than an SCV.
The drop must be in a place without too much protection,out of your enemy's range.
Attack with Tanks and defend with the other units,if the drop attack is successful continue bringing units with Dropships.You can build Turrets for static detecton and Bunkers to defend or make a Bunker Rush.If you have,use Science Vessels and its spells.


The Protoss have the fastest drop unit of all races(upgraded of course) although it isn't really very strong,the Shuttle compensates it with its speed.
Generally, it's used to make a Reaver Rush,but it's also used to drop like Terrans and Zergs,with Zealots and Dragoons.


It's the most interesting,and the best,since the Overlord is the transportation unit and supply unit. you'll always have many of them. But don't forget to have some extra and upgrade them!
What this strategy does is to take advantage of this feature to carry out a MASSIVE discharge of Hidralisks,Zerglings or what you want in the enemy base.
Though the enemy may kill some Overlords, most of them will survive and unload its content,and due to the Overlords are detectors, you won't worry for detection.
A good drop attack must have about 12/15 Overlords full of what you want (Hidralisks,Zerglings,Ultralisk,Lurkers)
The Lurker's drops is specially used against Terrans during the first minutes of a game.




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