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Dark Templar Rush

The Dark Templar's special ability of permanent cloaking is an enormous advantage, excellent for rushing,specially against Terrans.
It consists in building Dark Templars as fast as you can and then attack the enemy base,without detection he won't be able to attack the Dark Templars.
The steps are quite plain:
Start gathering, build a Plyon, then a Gateway and the Assimilator,to extract gas as fast as possible,then the Cibernetics Core,followed by the Citadel of Adun,other Gateway to produce more Dark Templars and finally the Templar Archives,the first Dark Templar should be ready in less than 6 minutes. By now, you should've found the enemy base, if not, do it quickly!.
Attack your enemy with several DT,2 or 3,and continue building Dark Templars,when you attack the Terrans,destroy the Comsat Station first,Turrets,Academy or Engeneering Bay,to avoid any method of detection, and becareful with a counterattack.

In the Replays section you'll find an example of this rush in Blood Bath (made specially for this!) and against a computer (heh). I'm confident that you'll be able to master the technique so that you do it much better.




Last revision: 10/10/05