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Corsairs Rush

Well,this is not really a rush,but is a good way to attack the Zerg,yes,this strategy only works against this race.
It consists in attacking with a group of at least 5 Corsairs to the Overlords.Without this important unit,the enemy will be short of supply for a while,and hence this will cause an important strike to his economy and resources reserves because he will be forced to restore the Overlods quickly, and in consequence denying the enemy the possibility of creating new units.

Because most of the Zerg's players don't usually build Spore Colonies at the beginning of the game (specially if they're busy with Lurkers) this strategy is highly effective,but once the player realizes of your strategy he won't doubt to mutate some Drones into Spore Colonies.
DIE DAMN OVERLORDS DIE!!!111 Also, it is as fact that many Zerg players (I would say most of them) don't even care too much about Overlords, and usually cluster them in one site, thus making them a perfect target for Corsairs. Nevertheless, when enemy has some Hydralisks -let's say plenty of them- it's much more complicated;a few Hydras will not affect too much the attack of the Corsairs,but if they're are too many, you may want to think twice before attacking him.

Due to the Corsairs only need the Stargate to be constructed, this strategy is very simple.Just build a Stargate and build some Corsairs.But why Corsairs you wonder? What about Scouts? No way! Corsairs are cheaper, faster and they do splash damage.
However be aware,don't use this strategy as the principal attack,because it will not work,don't start the game thinking in making this rush,only make it if it's convenient.Just remember,build the Stargate as soon as possible,build some Corsairs and go to the enemy's base by the edges,attacking and killing all Overlords as you can,nothing more,it's very simple.




Last revision: 06/18/06