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Cannon Rush

The Cannon Rush consists on surrounding the early enemy's base using, of course, with Cannons. It can be a wise strategy to use on some games,but if something goes wrong it can mean the defeat.
The key for this strategy to be successful is the infiltration, and mainly stealth, that is to say, doing the rush without the enemy's notice, if he finds out what you are doing, he'll surely try to stop you.

First of all,I must warn you that this strategy requires quite of resources.
Start mining and after the Pylon, build a Forge and scout the map to find the enemy.
Then,when you have already located him, build the first Pylon on the access way of his base,or in the corners.
When the Pylon is ready,build several Cannons near each one of the others,build other Pylon and more Cannons,do not build the Cannons very separate because they can be easily be destroyed.

Then your Cannons should be able to attack the enemy's buildings and units,remember to attack the more important buildings,such as production buildings or directly attack the worker units. You should also have some Zealots,you can use them to attack the enemy along with Cannons.Watch your enemy,do not allow him to escape.

If you make this strategy in the middle of the game (thing which I wouldn't recommend), it's probable that the enemy has some transports units for escaping. Hence,use Corsairs to avoid him to escape by air.

If everything goes well, destroyed economically, the enemy will succumb.It's very useful if you know how to use it and if the enemy doesn't watch his base too much ( in other words; noobs).

How to avoid it?,just watch your base,if you see a Probe near of your base,follow him until you're sure he won't build anything.
If you noticed that your enemy has already started to rush you,it's more difficult situation,and if you're playing with Zerg (the most vulnerable to this strat) try to kill the Probe at all cost,expand the creep quickly (with Creep Colonies of course),because the enemy can't build anything on the creep.If you still can't destroy the Cannons,(even with Masses attacks) then... RUN,research Ventral Sacs and escape with Overlords if you can!.
Terrans has the advantage of litoffing their buildings,with this,you can move the buildings out of the Cannons' range,and later in the game,you have tanks.
Against Protoss,the best strat to combat this rush it's with the same Cannons!,and Zealots too.On Ally games,this strat loses effectiveness,because the ally can help his ally,or worst,send a counteratacck against you.




Last revision: 05/20/05