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Bunker Rush

It consists in surrounding the enemy with Bunkers.
This strategy is similar to the Cannon Rush,and therefore it has the same weaknesses and advantages.

Wondering how to do it?
Okay.First of all,without the enemy's awareness, drive an SCV to his base and with it build a Bunker at a far place or corner, taking into account that it mustn't be within the enemy's sight range.
Meanwhile you should've started building some Marines.Carefully send them to the Bunker,continue with the construction of more Bunkers,each one pretty close of the other one,bring more SCVs and Marines,then when the Bunkers are sufficiently near of the enemy ,attack, use several SCVs to repair the Bunkers and don't let your foe to destroy them.
Also,watch the enemy,you wouldn't want him to escape.
In more advanced games, you can of course incorporate Firebats and Tanks.

The best method to avoid this strategy is to watch your base of enemy SCVs, when a SCV shows up in your base (usually they're just automatically scouting, but don't be trusted) order one of your workers to follow or attack the SCV until the risk is gone.




Last revision: 05/20/05