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Although this strategy can be used with the 3 races,it works better with Terrans,but many players use it with Protoss as well. It's thought to work on 1vs1 matches.
Basically in this strategy you trap the your enemy in his own base,before he expands,when he depleted all the resources he will be forced to abandon the game.If your foe is trapped,he will be limited the resources and it will lose mobility.
This is so obvious but, well,this strategy is useless in money maps,like BGH,but is very useful in The Hunters.
Obviously, this strategy is silly if you see that you're vastly superior in skills than your enemy. In that case, just go for him! However, when you think you're in disadvantage, and the map is big, then you can use this strategy.

How to do it with Terrans?
Once you found your enemy (do it fast!) send your troops to the entrance of your enemy's base, and without your enemy's warn build Bunkers and Turrets.
Also,build Turrets around the enemy base pretty near each one to avoid him to escape by air,or to send Drops against you.
Build Tanks quickly.Watch all the map,be sure the enemy doesn't have an expansion.You must concentrate all your troops in the entrance,since the enemy will try to escape at all cost.When the guy just depletes all resources or you think you're ready to attack do it with Tanks,without resources the enemy will succumb quickly.

This strategy loses effectiveness if the enemy is Terran since it has tanks to destroy the block.
With Protoss it's the same,and even though the Photon Cannon are great to block, they're very expensive.With Zerg it's difficult since your need to build a Hatchery to make creep. But you can try :)




Last revision: 05/20/05