What's your first impression about SC2?

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  Looks promising


  Needs a lot of work






Ally games

For those who have never played an ally game this will be very useful to have some references before beginning to play.

One of them is that all you see,your ally will see it too,this includes that your detectors can detect hidden units for you and your allies. That's why Zerg players send one Overlord to their allies's base.
Other thing is the ally chat,when activated,your enemies won't be able to read what are you saying to your ally. This is like a golden rule, you should always change to ally chat at the start of the match.
Also,before the game starts make sure your ally speaks the same language. At least some english words.
If your ally is under attack and he can't hold the invasion you should help him immediately or make a counterattack
If your ally falls, it'll be surely your the end too,don't permit that.
If you want to be safe against attacks,send a worker to your ally's base,and if your bases are destroyed,you can reconstruct them with the worker.

The main disadvantage of ally games is that you really don't know how your ally plays.It's not wrong if you give some indications or recommendations to your ally, but he may get angry with you eh eh...




Last revision: 05/20/05