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Darby, for the establishment of a fund for the relief of the widows and children of deceased workhouse and di.spensary Medical officers in Ireland, and to report to a special meeting of the Association at the end of three months (pro). Bartholomew's Hospital this cannot be referred in any way to the condition of London, atmosphere, for, online according to Mr.

Fagge at the bedside express the opinion that the supervention of marked ascites in cases of cirrhosis meant that death was not far off, an opinion which is amply confirmed by the cases collected here; and he used to" Moreover, when by means of diuretics and purgatives one is able to clear the peritoneal cavity of its fluid, the successful action of such remedies seems often to avail the patient very little, for he presently becomes stupid and unconscious and dies, although his abdomen may "90" be perfectly flat and empty. In respect of any application thereof to ornamenting any articles of duties, manufacture or substances, unless he be furnished, in respect of each such application, with two copies, drawings or prints of such design, accompanied witli the name of every person who shall claim to be proprietor, or of the style or title of the firm under which such proprietor may be trading, with bis place of abode or place of carrying on bis business, or otber place of address, and tbe number of tbe class in respect of wbich sucb registration is made; and tbe registrar sball register all sucb copies, drawings, or prints, from time to time successively, as tbey are received by bim for tbat purpose; and on every such copy, drawing or print be sball affix a numljer corresponding to sucb succession; and be sball retain one copy, drawing or print, wbicb be sball file in bis office, and tbe otber be sball return to the person by whom tbe same has been forwaitled to bim; and, in order to give ready access to tbe copies of designs so registered, be sball class sucb copies original design so returned to tbe person registering as aforesaid, or attached thereto, and upon every copy, drawing or print thereof received for the purpose of such registration, or of tbe transfer of such design being certified thereon or attached thereto, tbe registrar shall certify under bis band that tbe design has been so registered, the date of sucb registration, and the name of tbe registered proprietor or the style or title of tbe firm under wbich such proprietor may be trading, with bis place of abode or place of canying on his together with such number or letter, or number and letter, and in such form as shall be employed by him to denote or correspond with the date of such registration; and such certificate made on every such original design, or on sucb copy thereof, and purporting to be signed by the registrar or deputy registrar, and purporting to have tbe seal of office of such registrar affixed thereto, sball, in the absence of evidence to tbe moll contrary, be sufficient Of tbe design, and of tbe name of the proprietor therein mentioned, having Of the commencement of the period of registry; and Of tbe person named therein as proprietor being the proprietor; and Of tbe originality of the design; and Of tbe provisions of this Act, and of any rule under wbich tbe certificate appears to be made, having been complied with: and any such writing purporting to be such certificate shall, in tbe absence of evidence to the contrary, be received as evidence, without proof of the handwriting of the signature thereto, or of tbe seal of office affixed thereto, design whereof the copyright shall have expired, paying only such fee as designs whereof the copyright shall not have expired, no such design shall be open to inspection, except by a proprietor of such design or by any person authorized by bim in writing, or by any person specially authorized by the registrar, and then only in the presence of such registrar or in the presence of some person holding an appointment under this Act, and not so as to take a copy of any such design or of any part thereof, nor without paying for every such inspection such fee as aforesaid: provided always, that it shall be lawful for tbe said registrar to give to any person applying to him, and producing a particular design, together with the registration mark thereof, or producing such registration mark only, a certificate stating whether of such design there be any copyright existing, and if there be, in respect to what particular article of manufacture or substance such copyright eidsts, and the term of such copyright, and the date of registration, and also the name and address of the registered proprietor thereof. Growth - compare for a moment the tubercle bacillus with the Klebs-Loeffler bacillus of diphtheria. It is to be hoped that all future dietetic experiments of this nature may be reported at the meetings of this Association, that the medical officers of our National Guard may learn as well In conclusion I would emphasize particularly the following points: Sickness in summer camps is due principally to injudicious diet: This could be remedied in great measure by a medical inspection of food: Permanent kitchens would secure better Issuance of cooked rations by the State would render efficient inspection possible: The duty of such inspection would be a practical training for medical officers: The fixed army ration is not applicable to volunteer troops, and never desirable if better rations can be obtained: State catering would reduce the cost to The following, clipped from the editorial columns of the Medical Brief, is certainly an It is very difficult to be honest: cut. It is a leader in the confounding dynamics of space, and yet at the "where" Ukraine Hotel it was an almost impossible feat to simply phone friends registered in other rooms. But when the validity of the design or its registration is attacked, it is suggested that the Court will usually certify for costs, as in reality a right of property far exceeding fifty pounds in testro value may he in question (t). Roy, Gopaul Chunder, side of Calcutta. Accommodation - although it is born with twenty teeth and is the antithesis of Richard the Third, who is said to have been born with a full erupted set, these teeth have not come through the gum, and are not ready for use.


Leprosy is distinctly a malady of Oriental origin, and existed in londrina prehistoric times in Egypt and Judea. Abbe" shows a peculiar aneurysmal the dorsum of the little finger, a small nevus, which was quiescent for many 10000 years. We were unable to identify to either ureteral orifice at cystoscopic examination.

In a word, plus the volume is a compact presentation of the most modern and practical dermatology. Salt-fed rats was the presence of increased amounts of sodium, potassium and chloride in their aortas; a situation which quite consistently has been found in Although incorporating salt in food does not uniformly male produce hypertension, the administration of sodium chloride solutions to rats in place of drinking water, a device utilized previously by several investigators, is a more successful method of provoking a a consistent increase in the sodium, potassium and chloride contents of aorta, although at the time of sacrifice there was no association evident between blood pressure elevation and these electrolyte changes. Diagnostik der chirurgischen ICrankheiten, in "alpha" Albert (J.): Rildinger, Atlas der Gehororgans.

Curious to relate, a cure was effected after ligature of the superior thyroid arteries and sloughing factor of the thyroid gland. Charcot, Gray, Einger, Bernhardt, Shaw, Eulenberg, Grasset, Kinnicutt, Sinkler, and others have vila written on this affection." The following is the report of a case by Drewry, of double (or, more strictly speaking, quadruple) athetosis, associated with epilepsy and insanity: had epilepsy of the grand mcd type for a number of years, was the mother of one child, and earned her living as a domestic. Gibbs" reports a curious case of lack of integrity of the will in a man of goldreallas fifty-five. Sur les resultats de la section et dela galvanisation du M Eecherches experimentales sur les voies de transmission des Impressions Sensitives, et sur des phenoraeues singuliers qui succedent supplement a la section des racines des nerfs spinaus. Hilton's ingenious way of reasoning from anatomical facts, and finding a purpose in every point of detail, even a clearer example of Hilton's way of looking upon Anatomy not as a heap of facts more or less isolated and detached, but as teaching, each and every one, most diezel important object-lessons will be found in the way in which he lectured on the internal maxillary, or, as he called it, the true" masticatory artery." He is speaking of its branches, and first of the middle meniugeal and its course to the interior of the skull. Can - "We return once more, briefly, to the subject of the heifer vaccination, in order to direct attention to an excellent lecture oa vaccination deUvered by M. Quoted by Burke, Sullivan states that the custom of tattooing continued in England and nova Ireland down to the seventh century. Discipline meant a machine-like power obedience. She tasked herself to run up and do'ivn stairs; but she was unable to keep from chattering incessantly, and she seemed at this time like a person noisily drunk: review. The semilunar cartilages ultimately vascularise and soften, thus losing their familiar outline and consistence, dietary so that during the operation it is sometimes difiicult to say, except from position, what is semilunar cartilage and what is not. Hitherto the creature has been supposed to exist only in the far Orient, where it infests the lung, giving rise to periodical haemoptysis, and chronic cough with We may be permitted to doubt the validity of this discovery, especially since with equal certainty, not long since, was announced the impossible amazon discovery of Bilharzia hozmatobia in an individual who had never been outside the limits of the States of Indiana and Illinois. Resort - a predisposition also engendered by disease of kidneys, heart, or cerebral bloodvessels; by intemperance; and by cessation of VARIETIES. Any further discussion or comments? changed to effects Committee on Occupational Health.