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On a case -taking sclieuie for foetal diseases and (price). W.) Sarcoma of the choroid, glioma of the retina, and duramax new formed blood-vessels in the vitreous. Could only surmise to a certain extent as 2015 to the process which caused the patient's death, but it seemed to him that we could reasonably conclude that it was one in which the patient was in a condition of e.xcessive hypersensitiveness to tuberculous toxins. The chorea and the nodules had almost subsided, when he got a side subsequent fresh attack of fatal pericarditis. The veins were less than one-half blood their (five weeks), the arteries and veins were slightly increased in size and color.

But during the night the Americans made a most successful ageless retreat across the bay, as was said, without the loss of a man or a pound of ammunition or stores. Pains in the legs and sacral region, the latter often intense and vs agonizing. The condition of for the nervous system induced by anaesthetics.

The twisting is considered to be produced buy by the revolving motion of the egg in its descent through the oviduct. THE EARLY tube STAGE OF GENERAL PARALY'SIS. It denotes an impoverished BRUIT BO UBLE B U CCEUR B U F(ETUS, BR UIT BE F ROT TEMEXT A SCEXBA X T ETBESCEXBAXT, (' sound of friction of ascent and descent.') Sounds produced online by the rubbing of the lung against the parietes of the chest, as it rises and falls during inspiration and expiration. AVe have notes also of recurrence of such nodules after one or more years' interval in the same "pro" individual. Effects - a correct diagnosis can bn made in the early stage of these conditions of retention, before great damage has been done, and the proper treatment can be applied to the cause, which is better than to treat the one case indefinitely for chronic gastritis, and the other for chronic cystitis. In the limited space at our command, it is impossible to enter into a detailed criticism of Dr: trial. The brilliant results which have, in some cases, followed nephrectomy, and the fascination of a new operation have, I am inclined to think, led surgeons to regard this too much as the only resource in renal disease; and it will be my endeavour, in this paper, to take a broader view of the subject, so as to indicate where less severe measures may be sufficient, and thus contribute to better results when the major operation of size extirpation is finally determined upon. No medicine of any kind was administered to any of these cases during the treatment by suspension and extension, except an occasional laxative or cathartic: test.