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A healthy stomach may be ruptured by violent injury to the abdomen even when no external wound is produced: care. Up to within the last week of her life she had been able to go about outside of the hospital, but then with the appearance of cachectic symptoms had rapidly succumbed to her malady: wash. The topmost round of the ladder is an excellent anti metaphor for one of those positions never yet attained by any climber. I think if there is to be any serum calling out of soldiers, we will have to call them out in this country to prevent cholera being brought into Ccinada from the United States. In invagination, when the intussuscepted part is low down in the rectum where or protruding from the anus, replacement by fingers or sound should be tried; reduction begun in this way may be completed by injections of air or water. If the subject were carefully studied by him, it is manifest that bella the result would be of wide-spread interest. In bellesse this situation I felt most wretched, and had a great desire to get home.