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In ageless proporlion of liro hromides. Lectures upon the Principles of buy Surgery. In some vitaderm cases the exfoliation is periodic and associated with dysmenorrhea, or it is due to fungi. Scroti aquosum, edema of derma the Edington to an ectogenous infective disease, commonly referred to as African horse-sickness; it is characterized by intense congestion of the bloodvessels with consequent edema of the lungs and at times of the subcutaneous tissues of the head and neck. In the double monster, the foetus of the right side shows a complete transposition, while the foetus on the lift left side shows a normal situs.

Out of these the fruits (seeds) of plants preceding Kovida"ra in the abovesaid list (from the Madana fruits to those of the Prapunnada ) and the acne roots of plants from Kovidara to its close, and creepers, etc.

This lesion when experimentally produced upon the cadaver seems to be limited to the epidermis, but as it occurs in the living subject it is not unusual that the whole thickness of the true skin is killed and converted into a hardened desiccated face mass.

If not (especially after the in edges were approximated by surgical skill), it is very probable that the granulations did not amount to much.


Careful inspection of the anterior surfuce of the uterus w'ill now determine theuppcr limit of the bladder, made a third of an inch above this point, running from the lower edge of the cut in the broad ligament across the uterus to a corresponding point on the other side The bladder is freed from the uterus by being curcfuly wiped lIKKKlJKXt'K JIAXDHUOK oK Till: to MKDK AI, SCIENCES.

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