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Renewals: If you use want your subscription stopped at the expiration of any fixed period, kindly notify us in advance. The temperature of the water used is important, as the colder the bath the less side effective would its power be in reducing internal temperature. (One of a series of ads being run in key Hoosier newspapers) This summary of what is happening in Washington is prepared by AMA's Capitol office and air-mailed to The Journal on the first of each month preceding With review the exception of a possible last-minute catastrophic bill to the liking of both the Senate and the House, the prospects for a national health insurance (NHI) bill this year appear to be fading. Retaining the characters of tbe original disease, test the secondary affection, or febrile effort, terminated also in local inflammations, and suppurations. They have been extender in charge of the lazaretto since that time. I'rimapara; among the mothers of does twins cannot be said to be more numerous than they are among Proportion of Primapara in Twin and Sinijle Births.


The other day I awoke with my tent on the top of me, and nearly half a foot of water under me (pro).

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