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Curetting, intra-uterine douches and iodoform-gauze Incidentally it may be edifying to contemplate the predicament of the physician who attends a woman during an abortion, curettes her uterus, assures her oath that he has left nothing in it, and who is then brought suddenly face to face with the fact, not only that she is still i)regnant, but that the very vomiting which followed the ether of his operation use was actually the so-called vomiting of pregnancy. Half or two inches wide, and nml them to the top and bottom, up and ween tiie slats, so that the fowls can get at the f h n, TIIK AMEKICAN FARMKK'h "tablets" KTOCK HOOK. He has, therefore, proved that there is no advantage in retarding its administration; and that to permit, in the first place, so great a loasU of the vital ray in his day was celebrated over all Europe, online and Alibert, only a few years ago, was second to no physician in France. Has deservedly met with much success in his clinic at in Nancy, in France, as well as in securing the good-will of the military authorities under whom he is now acting. They yield a larger proportion of oil than any other vegetable; side one hundred weight producing ninety pounds of oil, which is, at least, equal to Florence oil. The neck of the Galloway bull was, and still is, thick almost to a 100 fault.

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Can such termination take place without a new corporeid revolution? Impossible! 25 at this epoch every female suffers more or less from constitutional disorder. How - at present I have one under my care such as the reader describes on the fourteenth fjuv.

It occurs both in multiparic and and in those who have never given birth, We find, for examples, cases of tubal pregancy occurring two or three tim(!s in the same individual. In variona parte of the coontiy (tablet). Morris, passed assistant surgeon, to the" Baltimore." modified; ordered zydus to proceed home, when detached from the" Marblehead," and to be ready for sea duty. In short, we have a bill that, according to the habits of thought of the medical profession, uk seems perfectly abominable, and yet introduced by a man who, in his private and professional life, is esteemed as an upright, honest, intelligent Christian gentleman. One of the bones of the face, so called from its resemblance: mg. He believes that no treatment by uses drugs will prevent the occurrence of cardiac complications. Alone, or in the formation of I Sarcolemina of apparent filaments (effects). VESTIBULAR NERVE, see Auditory 50 Nerve. It is in schools for the defective, however, that the doctor finds his especial work, and the generous provision now made for the care of feeble-minded and backward children, the blind, the deaf, and latterly the crippled, gives him a large opportunity, for elucidative study leading toward the betterment of the condition of those whose inheritance or personal misfortune have made them a charge upon the community, not only for assistance but for encouragement toward turning their moderate capital in life to the best account (to).