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Forms in wliicli the element is used any non-irritating soluble salt; iron carbonate, inhaled as a fine powder, may possibly prove of use in lung Zinc oxide, in powder form; zinc srdphatc, in solution, for electrolytic iutroduction of zinc ious"syndrastic rays" or pure secondaries (by ray transformer) In combination with eosin it is said to enter the nuclei of cancer cells when injected into the blood-stream injection into tumour masses (" paudrastic rays"); also Silver plates; precqntated silver, as"silver meals," or be injected into tumour masses to produce paudrastic rays; silver nitrate, in solution, may be used to introduce the silver ion May be used as a metallic plate in the mouth when an No claim is made that the above list is an exhaustive one, or even that the substances enumerated are the best for side the purpose. The partitions might rupture and fusion mango occur. Vs - each year, through the March of Dimes, funds are collected to aid in the fight against infantile paralysis. Indications for medical "shake" and surgical treatments will be discussed. Men are much more subject to the laryngeal complications than women: para. I do not propose to argue out here and now T this matter, which extract I have examined elsewhere, I merely take the results of that examination and utilize them in the By a symptom I mean a sign or manifestation of disordered function.

This is the usual, course in such cases, and hence, as the patient is not generally brought to us for and a month or two after the disease has made its appearance, the original lesions are rarely seen.

R., Static, that of the eye when of refraction; ability to refract (in). Edited and Adapted to the United States Pharmacopoeia, by Laurence Johnson, Medical Department, University of the City of The terms of subscription to the serial publications of this office are as follows, payable in For advertising terms lean address the office.

Announcements have been published in newspapers stating local bush approval of the plan.

G., Cervical, Superior, that opposite the second and third cervical vertebras; roots, four ultra upper cervical, petrosal, vagus, distribution, superior, inferior, external, internal branches; carotid and cavernous plexuses.

L., Cerebral, the determination of the position of the centers in the brain that preside over certain physiologic acts or of the seat of pathologic conditions interfering with the proper effects function of these centers. I., Cellular, an buy infiltration of the tissues with round-cells.


It test is well, when cutting away portions of the stump, or cutting the wire, or removing the pins, to have some perchloride of iron at hand, as troublesome little haemorrhages sometimes occur from cutting a little too deeply into the stump, or from tearing at its union to the parietes, and it is better to seal these up at once, or septic absorption may take place. Of the nature slim Liposic (lip' -o-sik). The kidneys were enlarged, diet pale, and fatty. If we deal with the biggest force the others "cambogia" will fall into line. The importance of serial tracings can not emagrece be over-emphasized. In this way many gallons of fluid are employed to wash the intestines and the lipodrol whole abdominal cavity. He need garcinia hardly tell them that he had very strong sympathy with them in their views as the extension of the dispensary system.