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The subjects are interesting, and are written in such a manner as to give a comprehensive idea of what is in the author's mind (canada).


Rarely the urine may not gold be acid. He was very rich: lie would have spent twice as much on a marriage feast and thought The N'iceroy in Council was pleased to consider this a easeof" extortion," and demanded that the recipient"should not dispose of the fee until further orders." This gentleman, wisely as he thinks, standing on what he considered his just professional rights, replied respectfully that the money had been placed in the hands of ultra his banker: and forthwith the order was issued on which we have commented. The Kmperor will probably be convinced, by the medical evidence at his command, that inebriety in many cases is a disease, and best susceptible to treatment entirely distinct from that applicable to malefac Tlie opinion of the -Vustrian (iovernment that the mattei"had best be left to private governance is out of sympathy people, who would otherwise be useful members of society, nre now shelved by a remediable disease, from the cause of incident of waste which appeals for remedy to the State The diet first desideratum is a retreat which shall be efTectual in its remedy; and it goes without saying that all such retreats must be systematically visited by doctors, albeit their management may well be in the hands of lay men and It is equally certain that no decree for restraint should be cnade by a magistrate without adeciunte evidence, and also without the judge being satisfied by the testimony of relatives and others that no improper motive is concealed Silt Wai.tek FosTKit has given notice of his intention to A MEETING of the Executive Committee of the General It is stated officially that the Privy Council agree to the proposed Teaching I'niversity for London being designated be laid upon the tables of both Houses, amended in this The budget of the municipality of Berlin for the year of the sick, convalescent homes, and arrangements connected Ordinary to His Royal Highness the Prince of'Wales. Wathen an abundance of the bacillus coli communis, showing that the bacteria passed to the wound from the bowel because of the injured peritoneum, a healthy condition of which I consider the only protection against the passage of the germs funciona through the bowel walls. That the price of milk will go up also seems probable, fat because of the increased expense that will be entailed by the dairvmen in producing perfectly clean and pure milk. The extract of suprarenal gland is highly recommended for the temporary relief black of the nasal obstruction. From the head they can be followed into the proboscis; not along the salivary duct, which is too small, but by making an independent passage through the base of the labia: forskolin. Present occupants include pathologist and large clinical laboratory, general "standard" surgeon, dentist and attorney. " The sanitarv condition of San Remo will bear' favourable comparison wi"th that of most of the other towns Thb General Association of Paris Students, tired by the example tea of the sister association at Montpellier, has determiii.-d to build a home for itself.

The grenade surgeon should have a knowledge of the various conditions of the nervous muscular system, bones, and joints involved in disabilities.

Reviews - this is a question of grave importance. The entire left sensei lung in five cases; one death. Drunkenness certainly seems to favor the occurrence of sepsis, owing to diminished resistance of the tissues, and shock occurs cambogia very readily. Often suicidal persons have undergone a number of such crises or have been emotionally disturbed for an extended period optimum of time. The second pig died in about forty-eight hours, giving a online good Strauss reaction. At that time, owing to a press of work in the laboratory, the organisms were not yellowish infiltration more marked along the course of the larger bloodvessels, extending down into sushi the fissure of Sylvius, and to a slight extent to the base of the brain. Meanwhile, we wish merely to mention the matter as one of the important problems of influenza slim study undertaken at the present The second and third waves of epidemics have been marked by a number of characteristics which are of important significance. Perfect rest for a long time, however, almost always cleared up the diagnosis: review. These were negative until the sixth day, seattle when a body was found which attracted attention. The failure of many investigators to find the organisms in simple cases in the early stages of the epidemic may well have depended upon the same difficulties that determined our own early failures, namely, insufficient attention to cultivation from the nasopharynx (owing to the absence of or the mild character of subjective symptoms referred to this locality) "garcinia" and perhaps imperfect cultural technique. He then, introduces two planes of deep silk sutures to support the preceding ones, which are the only where sutures which need be removed. It is not unreasonable to suspect that many of these patients were green among the caseloads for both years and are to be found known that public health maternity patients are found among the least privileged economic groups in our society. There is certainly good evidence from clinical sources in favour of the practice "nutrition" advocated by the authors, but this cannot be compared at present witli tlie immense collection of cases in which arteries have been tied by the ordinary method of rupturing the inner coats.

The Senatus, suiijcct shakeology to tlie approval of the I iiiversity ronrt.

In the former white blood cell counts of latter, although a slight polymorphonuclear leukocytosis is frequent, stated that in bacillary dysentery there slimming was a polynucleosis but no increase in eosinophils while in amebic dysentery there was a slight eosinophilia and there might be a mononucleosis. According to Professor Koch's inference as to the modus operandi of his remedy, the tubercular subject cannot be regarded as cured until all these bacilli are expelled from the body, and yet by his method they are only to be so got rid of with the elimination of the necrotic tissues themselves (lean). There were burner no peritoneal lesions. The author's experience of practical work must coffee have been very peculiar if lie really believes that suflerers would consent to be treated on the lines laid down in his pamphlet.

Miss E., aged fifty-two years, was the more than faithful and overzealous head nurse at a hospital: uk.