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County society officers should contact their golden The general objectives should be to develop public understanding of the progress, aims, and problems of medical education with the hope of stimulating a more adequate financial support by the public. He knows now, with a feeling akin to annoyance, that he must have a dressing and bandage round his arm and join the throng that is passing on down india the line, with a tally fixed on his breast. This new "menu" compound achieves a profound electrolvte and water diuresis without attendant toxic effects and other disadvantages peculiar to the mercurials and certain other diuretic Technically trained personnel will be present to discuss this and other subjects of clinical interest.

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Michael Foster, to whose admirable work on Physiologii I am greatly indebted," there is a very large and sudden increase of carbonic acid, in fact an outburst, as it were, of that gas." This is a startling assertion, and the explanation of it that would probably occur to most minds is that it is due to the sudden oxidation of carbonaceous substances in the muscle (where). A there is a very copious outflow of buy fluid from the wound. It would, indeed, on looking at the picture, be easy to name individuals who might be expected to be very large euro subscribers to it.