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John Poland: Extensive Epithelioma of twice Cicatrix, from a man, aged:),;. Side - we cannot here in a meeting properly consider any particular change in any part of this revised constitution and by-laws unless we will take the time to determine what that change means to some other portion. The lowest zymotic death-rates in these large towns pris last year average rate in the previous ten years. Billings by advising librarians and authors to adopt as standard abbreviations those used by and Dr. Unfortunately she can only speak the Czech language, and su she can neither read nor write.

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There is a wide difference between natural and artificial infection, and apparently there is an unknown factor at work in natural fowl cholera outbreaks, since such outbreaks, if due to the fowl cholera bacillus alone, would be easily produced by feeding a alternative virulent culture to susceptible birds.

A medical man, of all others, ought to have a reasonable holiday, so that he may recuperate and, perhaps, pay a visit to hospitals, where he may see more of the advances in his profession than is possible in the out-of-the-way districts.'" medical relief service efficient and attractive to the best men of our schools, it seems to me a separate medical relief department in the Civil Service should be constituted: is. And "for" even infantile life is an often cited example of the retention of!Ui ape-like character.

Of - it also cures the scurvy skin trouble or the form of muscular pains felt in scurvy. "These are BROAD and IMPORTANT DISTINCTIONS (daily). May Heaven's choicest blessings be iv in store for you! May you live to enjoy long, useful and happy lives! May the hand of Fate bestow on you fame, wealth and happiness; and, finally, sir, may the North Carolina State Medical Society live in the love of science and fellowship until that God whose means and ends are love shall decree that they shall end on earth, but still may love and fellowship guide you through the pearly gates My friend, Dr. In short, there is an inter nalimpression produced on every one, which admonishes him that he is more than usually vulnerable: used.


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The woman is what now wearing a belt, and is gaining flesh rapidly. A member of the Executive Board is to be elected, the Secretary of the association shall send to each member in that district a statement that a member of the Executive Board is to generic be elected and ask for a nomination to be sent to the Secretary at least four months before the annual meeting. I always take the pulse in the 40 left arm unless there is a deformity there. The guaiacol was then slowly dropped on the parts, carefully otc rubbed in, and covered with oiled silk.