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Individual experience and theories are also popper solicited. The objections to its employ ment are of too formidable a character to "cream" be set aside. Adam Wright deserves the eulogy given him as he has always derm been a consistent and active friend of the University.

It is older than Hippocrates, older than Chiron the Centaur (chanel). It was the mid-piece of the complement organism from a case of septicemia which he had isolated from the blood during life; it was a bacillus of the protens group (nature).

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Care - it occurs more frequently, however, among workers in the metal, especially if they are accustomed to inhale mercurial vapors.

Loza in the Cleveland Clinic Quarterly, combination of neomycin and hydrocortisone highly effective in external otitis, whether acute, subacute, or chronic, with complete subsidence of symptoms within a week in most "correction" cases. In this case the fluid was used and both in the nose In this disease so common among young children, Glyco-Thymoline (Kress) may be employed with advantage.


In INIelboui ne tlie decline cannot be due to diminished dose of the poison owing to slower rate of bacterial growth, but must be attributed to exhaustion of susceptible individuals or to the effect upon the presumed review transmitting agents, the flies.