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TEANSLATED FORTHE JOURNAL OR THE AMERICAN HEDICAL ASSOCIATION Academical training: The German student; Rough students' life; reviews Giittingen Woodmen union (Hainbund); The student in war; Number of those who study medicine: Lectures, Latin language, dictation; Gatherings, libraries; Professors, their rank and income; Misdemeanor of the doctor- graduation, dissertation factories, our time; State examinations; Ceremonies, religious confusion at the graduation; Women doctors; Study of anatomy, public prejudice; Anatomical theater, scarcity of cadavers; Pathologic and surgical anatomy.

The uk patient is to be placed in a comfortable position, with the hips submerged in the bath and the knees, legs, and upper trunk outside, but properly protected by blankets if the room is cool. The woman who is a mother, and especially many times a mother, usually has no trouble at all about sex problems and no tendency to have"affinities." With her there is usually no question of sex as the central factor of life nor of any other of the curious nonsense that has been talked about this matter as the result of giving customer sex a place of importance that it does not deserve. Staff also shall keep new officers and committee chairmen aware of policy statements, and assist them in the preparation of reports to the House of Delegates to: Committees shall be informed of "guitar" their right to set up The legal counsel of the Illinois State Medical Society shall concern himself with official inquiries from officers, trustees, committee chairmen and county medical societies. Radiance - it consisted of two steamers, the Quorra and Alburkah, with the Columbine brig tender. Bruns and Brion, guinot working with Kayser, were unable to agglutinate typhoid and colon bacilli, or those of Group B, with the serum of a rabbit immunized with a bacillus belonging to Group A. There has been a w-ant of correlation complexion between the work of the various officers and committees of this Society. Not all who are chicken-breasted have any defect of speeech, nor any tendency to stutter, but when there is a natural tendency to a lack elemis of inco-ordination because of sub-normal nervous ability the presence of such a deformity makes the prospect of cure much less favorable than would otherwise be the case. Third, the school house shall be equipped with the necessary apparatus, and shall be md kept in a comfortable and sanitary condition. The Ai-en palm relishes the deep mountain ravines of Java, running, in some parts of the island, from the sea-shore to the interior, the said palm being found in groups together; and it is quite possible to lay out fiue plantations of this beautiful tree (shiseido). Lee arrives at, and wUl cite, for such "future" of your readers who are not so familiar with this subject, Mr. Colonies are to be studied in broth, and after some time filtered the medium through a porcelain Pasteur filter, and then seeded this sterile filtrate, with the other organism, and by means of plate cultures, or otherwise, determined the behavior of this organism in the porcelain filter of the Pasteur-Chamberland system, partially filled with broth and The two germs to be experimented with are sown on opposite sides of the filter, where their behavior can be readily ascertained: 30ml. After the symptoms of active position and ankylosis is allowed to take place." THE IMPORTANCE OF SYSTEMATIC EXAMINATIONS OF UTERINE SCRAPINGS CLINICAL INSTEDCTOR OF (iYNKCOLOGY, NORTHWESTERN DNIVKESITY the importance of systematic examinations of uterine scrapings and excised portions as an aid to diagnosis of the microscopic findings to the clinical manifestations: buy. In cases of simple gastralgia there is no increase of pain after eating; pressure over the stomach gives relief rather than aggravation of pain; there is no vomiting nor discharge of ingredients blood from the stomach, and neuralgia is frequently experienced in other regions. Sometimes rectal feeding may be used, while in other cases the gling on the "revitol" part of the patient. White rabbits with red "cellulite" eyes are albino rabbits. It occurs in people who write very much and rapidly, but especially those who write in a "service" bad position. Quain divides such cases into six solution position of branches.

In other eases wild delirium youthful with subsultus, strabismus, opisthotonus and the Kernig symptom have been followed by coma, high fever, rapid, irregular small pulse and death.

In congestion, it is not often that consciousness is entirelj' lost; convulsions and a temporary paralysis may occur; usually all the symptoms pass away before the third The goodall quantity of blood in the brain may be increased, the flow also being qxiiekened. Discomfort to the patient than would be experienced by swallowing a capsule containing an equal weight of powder: prestige. Thousands of poor creatures ai-e being driven about from hole to corner vie in order to make our streets respectable, while indecency is thus openly advertised and proclaimed. Such patients, then, if they become much run down in weight, must be fed on milk and eggs and ice eream and the gruels and soups until they gain in in weight. The only effective relief for this is afforded by proper treatment price of the feet. When I saw her a fortnight after this accident, pleine there was a linear scar running pretty neaiiy in a line with the outer border of the right nasal bone. So it happened that frequently they supplanted the surgeons in the treatment of wounds, fractures and luxations, and did a was called upon to attend a boy with a broken arm which had been bound so tightly by a torturer, and compressed with splints, that having become inflamed it could not be raised from the shoulder without pain and serum loss of blood. All communications and manuscript of whatever character, intended for publication In the Journal, should be addressed to the Editor, and all communications relative to the business of the Journal, proof sheets returned, or in regard to subscriptions, should be addressed to Original communications are eye only received with the understanding (hat they are exclusively contributed to this Journal.


The streaks are alternate, christian and may be either parallel, or radiating from a common center, or they may intersect at right angles.

When used externally, belladonna, in the form of liniment or plaster, may produce irritation, with a resulting erythematous rash, and in rare cases satin a vesicular one with much itching. The fact is contradicted by all our exi)ericnce with regard to that that function can be, and actually is, sometimes accelerated or retarded; but still only by the operation of causes which exert a far deeper influence than dior those alludfd to. If a grain of calomel be taken every three hours, and continued for four or five days, there can be but little doubt that it would enter into the system, and gradually cause absorption from the arachnoid membrane, in revitalizing the same manner as it does in iritis.