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Bake gold and silver cake garcinia in tins of same size, and lay in alternate slices in the eggs, one and one- eighth cups of sifted granulated sugar, one cup gifted flour, one teaspoonful vanilla, or almond flavoring, one teaspoonful of cream tartar, sift flour and cream tartar together several times; beat eggs to a stiff froth on a platter, add the sugar lightly, then the flour gently, then the flavoring. Fellows who desire to join the Association "reviews" should communicate with the'Honorary Secretaries, As might be expected, there is little excitement about the coming election, although the withdrawal of Sir Joseph Lister has created a stir unforeseen a fortnight ago. If the mildew has not disappeared drops when drj', repeat.


ITie physician should not at once buy announce that the child is shammingj for the only result of such a course will ordinarily be that the child will pass from under his care. The author's sparing use loss of illustrations is to be commended. When the operations of the army near Santiago indicated the necessity of providing for the wounded in the United States, where better care, more healthful surroundings, and better food could can be obtained than was possible in Cuba, the Government selected Fort McPherson, Georgia, as one of the receiving-points.

She has found definite changes in the spleen, liver, kidney, pancreas, skin, ovary, stomach, and vs bladder. Time spent by him in his own study and in the cell of the accused will be well applied, and when, thus fortified, he is present at pure the trial itself, he will be able in a brief exposition to furnish the best that could be demanded of a medical expert, and will be able to instruct the jury with the greatest imaginable certainty. Inspection of camp near Fort Winfield Scott and of the fort itself, with a view to the total suitableness of the casemates therein, for the I,eave for one month with permission to return to the United States Acting Asst.

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