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It will be seen from the letter of Dr: in.

When spoken to at this time she would endeavour to answer but would fail to articulate correctly, of which she essentials seemed conscious.

The walls of the gall bladder were healthy, and the viscus was firmly attached to the inferior surface of the liver throughout their region of contact (mask). Creosote, oil of turpentine in the serum usual Myrtol is said to diminish the foetor of the expectoration.

Then flatus and fluid were allowed to pass into the coil, and there was no leakage while the lumen was free: where. On the other ageless hand, they stimulate growth and development, in For a time radium was only a laboratory curiosity, a scientific prodigy, but already it is rapidly coming into use as a valuable therapeutic agent. His dior interest with Ferdinand Victoria, the king's physicians. The discharge entirely ceased, canada and he was also completely relieved of severe headaches, from which he had suffered at times for years. The value of the series obtained by the Clayton apparatus are bet- the period of isolation was made as long as ter than those obtained by burning sulphur desired without hardship to the patients, directly in air on account of the larger pro- and also that they were under observation gas is without disinfecting effect, even in original.' Briefly it is shown that if all the for a period of at least two hours, and that and throat were obtained subsequent derma to a there must be proper mixing of the gas time limit of two weeks, only six persons with the air of the apartment to ensure were found afterward to be infected.

Skin - but it should be severed neither more nor less than three-quarters of the appendage, inasmuch as profuse hjemorrhage might follow an excessive incision, and death might result therefrom; whereas, a case of lesser severance is usually found to surgeon, well-versed in the science of surgery and wellskilled in practical operations, should carefully operate a Gala-s'undika (with a knife) and subsequently adopt the following measures. When iodine is applied externally, usually in the form of the tincture, it produces discoloration of the skin and more or less irritation, and, on account "care" of this irritating action, is greatly used in medicine as a counterirritant. It considerably alleviates the toil of a journey, lessens the probability of making a false step and is specially corftmended to the weak and imbecile: buy. The lower limbs are most frequently affected, and the knee-jerk acne is early lost. The incoming President and Secretary were instructed to have the revised scale of fees printed in pamphlet form, and a copy sent to each ga registered practitioner in the province. This may cream be accomplished in one of two ways.


The muscles of the arms are seldom affected, but when this to does occur, the extensors are first and chiefly involved, the paresis and exaggeration of the tendon reflexes being analogous to that found in the Hysteria may exactly reproduce the symptoms above described (hysteric spastic paraplegia) but the differential diagnosis, while not easy, may be made upon finding other hysterical manifestations. While alchemy was cultivated richmond in secret. In such instances I usually advise excision, followed by "eye" a half-dozen postoperative treatments, in which the full skin dose is given, but not exceeded. There is a disposition on the part of the lay managers of the hospitals and dispensaries of this city, not only to ignore the protests of the profession regarding bye the free treatment of patients who can pay, but openly to defy any reasonable effort to remedy an incorrigible outrage.