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SPECIAL PRIZES IN ORATORY care AND DEBATE. The right vs thyroid body was removed by an incision along the anterior border of the steraomastoid. Gradually, from exposure to the air and constant stimulation, "serum" the mucous membrane becomes dry, thickeued, and callous, or covered with a slimy secretion; while the papillae become larger and more prominent than natural. On the face of both histories there would appear the suggestion that the sudden and limited motor phenomena marked the arrival of the specific irritant within the cranial cavity and its application to a advanced localised area of brain tissue. It is, however, most frequently met with in locomotor ataxy, and is associated with loss of reflex "skin" action. Though his engagements yet he found time to attend to his military duties with Captain Professor LivEisr: amazon. Reviews - an emetic of warm water with mustaid, or carbonate of ammonia, should be given without a moment's delay. He has discovered that there is a much gi-eater amount of communication between the different branches of the abdominal aorta than is commonly supposed;" that not only is it essence possible to inject the arteries of the abdominal wall from those of the viscera; but that, to some extent, the bloodvessels of one viscus may be injected from those of another; and this not through the main trunk fi'om which they both proceed, but through their mutual communications with an intermediate set of anastomosing ai'teries." The efficacy of local blood-letting in inflammations of the abdominal viscera is elucidated by this discovery. The dior hip-joint is especially liable to disease of tubercular character and"disease of the hip-joint" usually means tuberculosis, although this joint like all others, is liable to inflammation having other origin. Review - members of the Richland County Medical Society University of Wisconsin Medical School, Madison. This is not properly the occasion on which to discuss the special place which that distinguished gentleman has won for himself in the scientific pantheon: prestige. The emigrating leucocyte must be provided with some sort of scantling to move forward upon, and come jeunesse to rest in.

The book is the result of the author's teaching and practical work in abdominal surgery and of his necessity of relying largely upon journal benefits literature for guidance. It has been one of my objects, in teint the preceding pages, not to show that this view was not founded in fact, but to show that there could not be claimed for it an universality of application. Leaying out the weight of analogy, d priori, the obserred processes of cell life clearly de indicate that there are in plants male particles of fecundation correspondifig to the spermatic particles with animals.

He would like to entertain the view that there was possibly a tumour at the base of the brain (oil). Senn, of Milwaukee, in the use of hydrogen gas as a means of diagnosis in girl penetrating wounds of the abdomen, as reported at the meeting, entitle that report to special mention. The cells thus formed consist of a membrane filled with liquid, in which are three or four granular bodies, which, la aggregated together, constitute its nucleus.


F Andral and Qayarret have made four analyses of the blood of three persons suffering from scarlatina, which indicate "ageless" decidedly the existence of hypinosis. But these two circumstances appear to me to account for the great suffering; namely, the extremely soft nature of the interosseous substance leaving the spicula of bone bare uk and prominent, and the close relationship of the brachial nerves to the diseased mass. It is an unfortunate aggravation of the sufferings in typhoid fever thatfruit, which is so grateful when the mouth is dry and parched, cannot be given freely, on account of its liability to excite diarrhoea, but a few grapes may be permitted, care being eye taken that, the skins and seeds are not swallowed, and the effects being carefully The question of stimulants is an important one. CoEDY BuKROws said that, as regarded work done, the report of the Committee was such that a better one could not be presented (revitol). Creme - this is a fact in the history of science well worthy of remembrance, and especially by those who seek the honours due to the correct study of natural In the verification of this grand idea, the wide range over which Schwann extended his labours, has truly made subsequent observers feel that that field had been almost entirely preoccupied. Russo Named to Insurance oz Post Dr.