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Its caUbre was curiously mer preserved, considering the denseness of deposit around it.

And as to the last, who have no paymaster, we presume the physician is justined in getting out of them what he can! Society of the City of Reading and County of Berks," in the state of Pennsylvania, the undersigned was directed to forward to you, with a request for their publication in the Reporter, the subjoined resolutions which were unanimously adopted at a stated meeting of the Society, held Resolved, That Jihe members of this Society communicate the names of patients who are upon their black list, and who remove without having them erased by making payment, to the Corresponding Secretary of this Society, along with an accurate designation of the place to which sueh transmit the names of sueh delinquents to the Corresponding Secretary of the Society into whose circuit sueh removal shall have been made, and request said Society to make similar returns (daily).

It is unfortunate that many of our schools are so sensitive with regard to any influence which may tend to curtail privileges, which have in many instances been too long exercised as rights; but we cannot think that this will always be so, or that the American Medical Association will not, ere long too, be the grand conservator of the true interests of We are glad that our humble essay has been the means of opening this discussion in our columns, and we hope that it will be carried on, in a spirit of candor, and with a sincere desire to advance the interests of medicine (serum). If sufficiently large the swelling is felt above the creme brim of the pelvis by external examination; but more frequently it is limited to the deeper parts of the pelvic cavity, and internal exploration is required for its detection. McPheeters deprecated the expediency of dragging such matters before the Committees of arrangement not to prepare costly entertainments for the deep Association. The same, however, may be said of many surgical procedures that have proved successful, and it must be right spf50 to offer a patient the chance of prolonging his life, provided he be fully informed of the risks and the subsequent inconveniences.

If I had drained this "prevage" joint, ankylosis would inevitably have resulted, unless forestalled by a fatal result. These cases show the feasibility la of the operation of delivering the placenta first, under certain favorable circumstances; but the advisability of the plan, and the determination of the conditions in which it should be practiced, must be decided by an induction from a larger number of cases than have yet been submitted to the professional A case of gunshot wound penetrating through the knee joint, came under our notice in the early part of summer, of which we give the outlines, as a contribution to that very important part of surgery, relating to injuries of great joints. Calculi of oxalate of lime are never so numerous as those of uric acid, and there corium may be but one, or several may be present. The examination of the vomited matters and of tlie uriae furnishes the best means of diagnosis in sucli cases (arden).

In the bloating occasionally connected with dysmenorrhea, a combination of the this tincture' with the oethereous tincture of cantharides,'sanguinaria and gum guiacum will be found a most valuable remedy. But if you wrinkle propose to add that disease to the presumptive list, you would not get any opposition from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

This case ultimately shield terminated fatally from an acute attack with suppuration in the kidney.

Gluten, which is found obtained from the Cereals, and the only vegetable substance that will support lile indefinitely: water. The rectal dose is luminesce double the intravenous dose. Black fluid blood may escape in considerable quantity when the grimm abdomen is laid open.

The second point in this account is that there were" collections of leucocytes and patches of inflammatory softening around the blood-vessels." This we do not doubt, but simply say that it is not what one would little certainty can be elizabeth founded on the presence of lacerations and fissures in the grey matter of such a delicate structure as the cord, which were produced during the process of hardening.

He states tliat by pressure, the oblique processes of the concave side are shortened and flattened by absorption; while, owing to the processes on the convex side escaping compression, they' preserve their normal shape and size, and diverge from eye each other. Loans will be made on the basis of need, character and scholastic attainment (jeunesse).

He died, and at the post-mortem from valvular lesions (reviews). In order buy to have all the marks distinctly on the negatives, and by this also on the lantern slides and on PI. Our return to Mati was delayed one day because of the lack of and a banca in good repair. In considering what could be done for his relief there appeared to be two courses open: one was to prolong the tracheotomy incision smart downwards so as to put the tracheal tube beyond the reach of pressure by the growth; the other was to lay open the larynx and, if possible, to remove the growth from within, and if not to excise the larynx in paet or entirely. The lesions at a later stage may become more deeply ulcerated, the process of ulceration generally beginning at their centre There is very little or no skin pain, and very slight or no pruritus. Again, Gentlemen, price I thank you.

Pertenue in Italian emigrants returning from Brazil, and suffering from what they considered to be boubas; but Splendore has shown their cases to have been cases of Leishmaniasis and Blastomycosis: stemologica.


The watch serum has a marked effect upon the disease, hastening the cure amehoratmg the symptoms, and reducing the mortality When the serum treatment cannot be carried out, the saline treatment is, m our experience, the most useful. The menopause had city occurred at the age of fifty-two. The olecranon and about an ounce of fluid was drawn off; the fluid Disease commenced with severe epigastric Six years ago both leg; pains and sickness; lightning pains in both j swelled a good deal hydrating pains came on in upper limbs.