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Syrup made of sugar and water is called simple syrup; all others are distinguished as medicated syrups, and these may be cleanse again classified into simple and compound medicated syrups, in accordance with the number of drugs represented by them. This animal was similar in habit and general characters to the one already described, and may have been eight or ten years of age or perhaps older, as I ani informed by the natives of Assam ideal they live to the age of' twenty-five or thirty years, the way from Goalpara to Calcutta of a pulmonary disease following catarrh.

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It can be made intelligent only by the dissemination diet of the right kind of information. As a loss medical and scientific preachment it has many lame spots. Yet does it sometimes present itself here and elsewhere, with so little apparent relation to tea causal conditions, and with so distinct a group of clinical peculiarities that it is at times hard to do otherwise than so to treat it. Beddoes, protein the blood and muscles of anhncds killed by confinement in this gas, (carburetted hydrogen,) have a red colour, less distinct than that produced by oxygen, but very different from the dark colour exhibited by anhncds killed by drowning or carbonic acid. In the history of her case, she related that four years ago she first contracted a violent catarrhal cough, which had since con tinued always troublesome, with the exception of an intermission in the summer months; that in January she had coughed up blood to the amount of a teacupful; and from that time had been affected with constant cough, pains of the cliest, with forskolin quickened and difficult respiration, frequent palpitation of the heart, inability to lie on the right side, and one very distinct paroxysm of hectic fever in the middle of the day, and a slighter one in the evening.


In the treatment of the garcinia spotted fever, the eastern physicians did not consider the quantity of stimulus given, but the effect produced, and by this heroic practice they saved the lives of thousands that in timid hands would have certainly perished.