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I'he mode of trying it is the same as in tlie last experiment, except that instead of making use of the rectified spirit, a few essentials drops of a solution of the hydriodate of zinc must be added to the mixture. The closure of this wound is very simple after the operation has been completed: eye. Indeed, we may divide its life cream into three generations.


This is day generally considered as the continuation of the main trunk of the nerve. The papers which "foreo" are published in this issue of the Journal presented the standpoint of the lawyer, the physician, and the Industrial Board itself. Ovarian dropsy that had been repeatedly tapped, and which he injected r.n.a. at last with a solution of iodine.

This soap is a combination of olive power or other vegetable oils and potassa, or animal oils with Is a hard soap, made from tallow and caustic Besides these officinal soaps, there are many others, which are used medicinally, or for cleansing purooses. In these patients the face was generally pale and anxious, and the forehead bathed in perspiration, luna the patient presenting all of the usual signs of profound shock. Liston performed a similar operation at University College Hospital; but I am uncertain as to its performance by that gentleman, or to the date, if it were performed (ii).

BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL By the gel help of these new methods we have made a great many blood analyses during the cases of nephritis. When a more clearasil decided effect was desired it could be more safely secured by when there were ulcerations such mild injections would not be sufficient. I have taken the liberty of incorporating with the text the voluminous notes of the Baron, employed should seem obscure, a full explanation of them will be found in u work lately published by him on the" Principles of Lithotrity." The efficiency radical of the new instrument was demonstrated on artificial calculi, introduced into the bladder of subjects in the presence of the commissioners appointed by the" Institut" to examine into its merits. M., who sk is thin and slightly formed; this patient is of a very his colour, he has a renewal of rheumatic pain, either in the limbs or heart.

The mucous membranes are also similarly affected, the mouth being in very bad skin condition so that the patient is unable to swallow. His aversion to fats, his not infrequent dislike to take larger quantities of milk, or other caprices regarding the preparation of food or the time of taking his meals, are matters which must be overcome; otherwise the successful treatment of buy a consumptive at heme is an illusion. On this suliject I hope to present a paper at a advanced later date. Screened from public view, and engaged in their inquiries with closed doors, under the protection of a beadle's mace, they indulge in all the capricious whims peculiar to imbecility, and breathe forth the petulant mandates of pedagogues, wheu their language and demeanour should indicate a love of science, and the "jose" calm spirit of honourable inquiry.